Congratulations to Our 2021 Service Awards Recipients

Charlotte Office Recipients:  
5 Year:   Adam Walters, Jake Gehron and Mike Paxton
15 Year:  David Coleman
25 Year:  JR Page and Nate Lawrence
35 Year:  Howard Peabody
40 Year:  Earl Hiatt

RDU Awards 2021

Raleigh Office Recipients:  
5 Year:  Brad Roberson, Chris King, Evan Philmon, Maureen Jasura and Ryan Crews
10 Year:  Brandon Boyer
15 Year:  Bill Poe, Cody Hornor, Micah McCool and Todd Roberts
20 Year:  Victory Palchey

RDU Awards 2021

Winston-Salem Office Recipients:  
10 Year:  Amber Ratliff

“Shelco was able to deliver a high quality finished product while meeting these important milestone dates and staying within budget. This project went extremely well, with no delays, no issues and no change orders! We would recommend Shelco’s team be included in any fast-tracked tenant upfit construction project.”

—Linda B. Lagesse, AVP

Corporate Real Estate & Administration Manager
Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.