Congratulations to Our 2017 Service Awards Recipients

Congratulations to all our 2017 Service Awards recipients.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

5 Year Award Recipients:
John Edwards (Winston-Salem Office), Kelly Barnes (Raleigh Office), Mark Blackman (Raleigh Office), Mike Johnson (Winston-Salem Office), and Sydney Kessell (Charlotte Office)

10 Year Award Recipients:
Chip Pope (Charlotte Office), Justin Bagby (Raleigh Office), Mike Rhoades (Raleigh Office), Sam Blair (Charlotte Office), Shea Clarke (Charlotte Office), Tim Johnson (Winston-Salem Office)

15 Year Award Recipients:
David DeBruhl (Charlotte Office), Doug West (Raleigh Office), Gray Talley (Raleigh Office), Kevin Campbell (Raleigh Office), Ron Cochran (Raleigh Office), Trish Greene (Charlotte Office) and Wayland DeJarnette (Raleigh Office)

25 Year Award Recipient:
Scott Bengel (Charlotte Office)

30 Year Award Recipient:
Frank Wood (Winston-Salem Office)

CLT 2017 Servcie Awards

Charlotte Office
(Back Row L-R) Howard Peabody, Brendan Bambrick, Chip Pope (10 yrs.), David DeBruhl (15 yrs.), Earl Hiatt, Ed Rose, and Gerard Reid
(Front Row L-R) Sydney Kessell (5 yrs.), Trish Greene (15 yrs.), Shea Clarke (10 yrs.), Scott Bengel (25 yrs.), and Susie Campbell

RDU 2017 Servcie Awards

Raleigh Office
(Back Row L-R) Ed Rose, Scott Bengel (25 yrs.), Mike Rhoades (10 yrs.), Gray Talley (15 yrs.), and Wayland DeJarnette ( 15 yrs.)
(Front Row L-R) Kelly Barnes (5 yrs.), Kevin Campbell (15 yrs.), Mark Blackman (5 yrs.), and Ron Cochran (15 yrs.)

WS 2017 Servcie Awards

Winston-Salem Office
(L-R) Leo Stepansky, Frank Wood (30 yrs.), Susie Campbell, Mike Johnson (5 yrs.), John Edwards (5 yrs.), Ed Rose and Rick Sanders

“You see it’s not all about the place – it’s the people. People and companies like Shelco that are willing to step up when others said it could not be done and find success the old fashioned way – with know-how, commitment, and hard work. If you ever need a reference for your company on a future project, please don’t hesitate to use USCB. I’ve been doing this for about 20 years and I can’t say I’ve seen a better construction firm.”

—Mike Parrott

USCB Facilities Director
University of South Carolina Beaufort