High Point University Patriots Plaza

Shelco completed the transformation of an existing parking lot in the center of the High Point University campus into an accessible green space featuring two (2) large high-end architectural fountains. The cascade fountain features four (4) pools tiered from the top of the site to the bottom, such that water cascades down over weirs from one basin to the next. This fountain features three (3) large geyser jets in the top pool and 56 arched jets spanning the sides of the other pools. The waterfall fountain features a circular pool at the top that creates a waterfall which feeds into a crescent pool below. The circular pool features a centered jet cluster which creates a vertical water column. Surrounding this column are nine (9) variable sequence jets which create a “dancing” water jet effect. Both of the fountains prominently feature many color-changing LED lights.

“I was very clear with the problems and issues we had encountered with our two previous construction projects with a different contractor, and was not convinced this project with Shelco would be any different. You promised me this project would be seamless, and now I am a true believer.”

—Cyndy White

Administration Manager