BIM/Virtual Design Construction Services

At Shelco we make it our mission to build better projects through the use of innovative construction applications, and Lean construction technologies allowing our team to better communicate, collaborate and visualize. Our in-house Virtual Construction Group pushes the limits of virtual construction technology. Virtual models allow the entire team to weigh options, analyze potential impacts, and eliminate conflicts before a shovel hits the site. This virtual modeling expertise and collaborative team approach saves time and money while allowing for a quicker, seamless delivery.

Virtual Design Construction and BIM

The use of Virtual Design Construction & Building Information Modeling (VDC & BIM) has changed the way architects, engineers, and contractors design and build projects. Shelco goes beyond “BIM” to push the limits of old VDC & BIM. We coined the phrase of Virtual Design Construction & Optimization. We optimize the construction process, allowing us to detect and prevent potential errors, ensuring construction efficiency and minimizing cost or time losses. A virtual model is beneficial to the owner on any project regardless of size and scope. With the variety of virtual construction tools available, there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach; the entire team works collaboratively to decide which tools will create the best value to the client and project.

Virtual Construction Tools

Our Virtual Construction Group transforms the way we communicate with our clients, design team partners, and subcontractors in the following ways:

  • Clash Detection – Once the 3D models have been created, Shelco uses software to verify, coordinate, and check the modeled building components and systems against one another. This process is typically done before the fabrication of components has begun, ensuring all parts of the building fit together correctly.
  • 3D Laser Scanning – Allows Shelco to precisely capture as-built conditions by recording all elements of the building and translating them into point clouds. These point clouds are then used in conjunction with our models to help understand the new design within its existing context or to verify installed components.
  • Visualizations – Allows Shelco to communicate design intent in 3D instead of a flat 2D plan, real time walk-throughs and simulations can realistically convey the look and feel of the new facility before a shovel ever hits the ground.
  • Constructability analysis – Allows Shelco to review construction processes from start to finish during pre-construction phase in order to identify obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns

“I have had an extremely positive experience in all three of these major projects with Shelco and will continue to seek them out as future opportunities present themselves. They operate with a high level of integrity and trust which is so critical to us in a contractor relationship. They communicate well with the owner, architect and our employees who may be impacted by construction activity. From Shelco’s President to the on-site supervisor. I always felt I could access the appropriate level of management at any time. I highly recommend Shelco as a general contractor which should be obvious by our history of retaining them on successive projects and intent to continue the relationship in the future.”

—David Stevens

Associate Dean of Finance & Operations
Kenan-Flagler Business School
UNC Chapel Hill