Employee Spotlight | Jennifer Kalbaugh

Meet Jen Kalbaugh, one of our Project Managers located in our Winston-Salem Office.  She is currently managing the panel and façade repairs on the 500 West 5th Building in Downtown Winston-Salem.

If you could have lunch with anyone who has ever lived, who would it be?
“Steve Jobs; I’d love to dig into his brain about how he was always ahead of the pack with innovation and design that kept people coming back.”

If you could enter the world of any movie or TV show, what would it be?
“Working Moms on Netflix”

It’s the weekend; what are you doing to relax?
“You’ll find me at the gym, a kid’s sporting event/practice, doing projects around the house, or napping on the couch. In the summertime, I can be found poolside with friends/family.”

What about your job gets you excited to go to work every day?
“Construction is one of the few careers that you can do the same thing(s) daily but with different subjects/topics to make each day look and/or feel completely different. The newness, along with the challenges, of what each project brings to the table inspires me to face each day with a fresh approach.”

What team are you cheering for?
“NC State Wolfpack”

If you could go/travel anywhere right now, where would you go?
“Bora Bora to stay in an over-water bungalow (although I’m not sure I would want to come back).”

“By far Shelco has provided the most successful experience with the CM at Risk delivery method to ASU by virtue of their dedication and straight forward dealings with us. I would retain this firm as my first choice on any future CM at Risk project and cannot recommend them highly enough for your committee consideration.”

—Clyde D. Robbins, PhD

Director Design & Construction (Retired)
Appalachian State University