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Medical Claw Medical Vacuum

Claw Medical Vacuum | Standard and Assured | BeaconMedaes

BeaconMedaes claw vacuum system standard

Claw Vacuum Systems - Standard

Utilizing a dry, frictionless, multi-claw technology, the BeaconMedæs Claw Vacuum system can provide significant savings in energy costs.


BeaconMedaes claw vacuum system oxygen assured

Claw Vacuum Systems – O2 Assured

The Claw is uniquely available for oxygen and WAGD service.  We label it “O2 Assured” and guarantee that it will operate safely even under high oxygen concentration.


= BeaconMedaes claw vacuum system with VSD

Claw Vacuum Systems – Standard with VSD

In medical facilities, the vacuum system must react to continuous demand fluctuations.  Variable Speed Drive technology matches motor speed to vacuum demand, resulting in maximum efficiency of the vacuum system.  The VSD provides the right amount of vacuum at all times: no more, no less.


Claw Vacuum Systems – O2 Assured with VSD