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Medical Scroll Air Retrofit Package

The Medical Scroll Retrofit Package makes your air system like new again.

Our OEM Service Kits are designed to replace all commonly worn parts of the compressor at once, ensuring that when a retrofit is complete, the system is running at its best.

The kits allow service to be performed with minimal downtime and with the ability to service your air system directly in the field, replacement compressors are no longer necessary, reducing future maintenance costs.

With a wide range of compressor retrofits available, from 2 HP to 15 HP, the kits are designed to meet specific applications. The system’s modular design provides maximum flexibility for any facility.

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Model Number HP Module Capacity1 (50 psig) Module BTU/HR Noise Level dB(a) Module Weight (lbs.)
LPSM-02S-S 2 7 4761 65 75
LPSM-03S-S 3 10.4 6745 69 75
LPSM-05S-S 5 17.2 11507 70 90
LPSM-07S-S 7.5 25.2 17062 75 150
LPSM-10S-S 10 34.8 23014 73 580
LPSM15S-S 15 50.4 34124 75 595
1All capacities are shown in Inlet Cubic Feet per Minute (ICFM).
BeaconMedaes Medical Scroll Air Retrofit Package