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Desiccant Retrofit Dryer Kit for LPS Air Scroll System

Our new retrofit LDD Medical Air Dryer offers a small footprint which can easily fit into your existing medical air system design.

With customer Total Cost of Ownership in mind, the BeaconMedaes Desiccant Retrofit Medical Air Dryer Kit introduces advanced technology with a reduction in maintenance costs, and an improved performance.

Peace of Mind
Your maintenance costs will drop thanks to widely available modern components.

Secure performance
You can count on availability of critical parts within our stock.

Full Upgrade 
With our Medical Air Dryer Retrofit package, your facility’s medical air system becomes like new again. Our kits are designed to replace all commonly worn parts of the dryer at once, ensuring when a retrofit is complete, your system is running at its best.

Dryer upgrade can be done directly in the field saving time and expediting service. Future maintenance is not a problem anymore - actual components have very short lead-time.

Minimal Downtime
Upgrade kit pre-assembled at factory ensures service can be performed with minimal downtime.

Cost Savings
With the new dryer you do not need to change your air system completely - you upgrade only the critical parts.

Compact Design
The new dryer is designed to be compact and fit into tight places.

Installation is performed by a BeaconMedaes authorized service provider. Following installation, the service technician or provider will test to ensure your system is running properly.

For LPS Scroll Medical Air Systems, 2, 3, 5 and 7 HP range.

Model No. Inlet Flow
(SCFM) at 55psig
Connections (NPT) Weight
Inlet Discharge (lbs)
4107401841 25 3/4" 3/4" 212