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Dew Point is Critical in Today’s Medical Air Environment

With the adoption of the 1990 edition of the NFPA Standard for Healthcare Facilities dew point hygrometers became mandatory in medical air. This seemingly minor addition has resulted in high levels of frustration among hospital engineers who have struggled to keep dew point below alarm levels.

The Problem With Refrigerant Dryers

Since medical air systems must be sized for "peak calculated demand," medical air systems routinely operate with load conditions of approximately 20-30% of total capacity. Under these light load conditions, refrigerant air dryers have great difficulty in maintaining a medical air system dew point below the mandated alarm point. The result is frequent and annoying dew point alarms.

The BeaconMedæs Solution

BeaconMedaes has redefined the medical air dryer by applying desiccant technology to the exact concerns of medical use. A dryer designed ground up for the medical user must include low cost, minimal air waste, and ultra high reliability. LifeLine® dryers offer all of these, but a dryer simply adapted from industrial use does not.

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