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Beam Systems - Intensive Care

In Critical Care Areas

Whatever your needs may be, BeaconMedæs has a complete solution.  Beam systems provide convenient access to critical equipment supported by an expertly engineered workstation.

  • Designs are configures to your individual needs
  • Easy clean surfaces minimize the sanitation effort

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Beam System - ICU
BeaconMedaes Medical Gas Beam System for Intensive Care Units


  • Beam Systems for high dependency areas such as ITU/CCU, NICU & Resuscitation, etc.
  • Fully customizable
  • Single & double bed
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • Single and double sided main frame
  • Maintenance free smooth running bearings for gliders
  • 340° glider rotation (360° infusion glider)
  • 15° mounting angle for ease of service connection

Fully configurable:

  • Gem10, US and European gas outlets available
  • UK, US, European and other electrical outlets available
  • Data, telephone, equi-potential and other ELV components available


  • Integral lighting
  • Shelves in various sizes with or without rail edging
  • Full Infusion sets and simple infusion holders available
  • Exam Lamps
  • Flat screen monitor arms
  • Integral medical equipment rail
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BeaconMedaes Medical Air Beam System for Intensive Care Units

BeaconMedaes ICU Medical Gas Systems