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Series B Medical Gas Outlets

More Than Just Compatible
The quality and design of BeaconMedæs medical gas outlets significantly improves on the originals:

  • Universal rough-in common for all outlets.
  • Full 3/4" plaster adjustment.
  • "Captured" valve design eliminates lost parts.
  • No special tools required for service.
  • High flow rates with minimal pressure drops.
  • Our new Series B Outlet Hook Plate features a retractable hook that simplifies setup and includes Biomaster, an additive that has been proven to inhibit bacterial growth. ( Disclaimer: Use of this product does not protect user from disease-bearing and food-borne pathogens.)

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Outlet Types
Puritan Bennet®(Geometric)
Puritan Bennet®(DISS)

All outlets available as:

  • Wall mounting
  • Console mounting


  • Electrical receptacle
  • Slides
  • Blank gas
  • New Hook Trim Plate
  • Standard Trim Plate
  • Extension Kits
  • Ambulance/OEM
  • Update Kits
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BeaconMedaes Series B Medical Gas Outlet

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