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Copper Pipe and Fittings

BeaconMedæs supplies a huge range of degreased medical grade copper tubing and fittings to both UK and export markets. Copper fittings are individually packed to maintain cleanliness and are degreased to ensure that less than 100 mg of hydrocarbons are present per square of component surface.

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Pipe Specifications
Pipes & Fittings
BeaconMedaes Medical Copper Pipe and Fittings
  • Degreased for oxygen use
  • Capped and sealed to guarantee cleanliness
  • Available in all standard metric sizes 15mm to 108mm

Additional items include:

  • Fittings - elbows, couplers, tees, inserts, etc.
  • Bracketing - munsen rings, drop rod, backplates, etc.
  • Silver solder
  • ID tape
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BeaconMedaes Medical Copper Pipe and Fittings